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Area 1564 km2
Population 36700
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Tallian
Dominant Religion Seogism
Realm Fonticia
Capital Fontico
Ruled by Delannon

Today, the north-east edge of Fonticia, border province, war-torn and home to the capital, Fontico, making it one of the most heavily fortified places in all of Auseka.

Pestia is a border region in many senses. It marks the current border between Fonticia and Schap, but also between Seogism and Ebronism - there is a small minority of the later in Pestia, maybe 4-5% of the people, practicing their religion in secrecy. Pestia is also the edge between the Tallian culture towards the south and the Shwazen culture in the north. Tallian dominates in Pestia, but a good quarter of the population is strongly Shwazen people, and influences and mixtures of both cultures can be found everywhere.

Geographically, Pestia is largely flat with low, rolling hills and a calm coast with wide beaches. Most of the region is forested, with a few swamps around the Calton river.

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The main road of Pestia runs from the south to the north, to Utwan. That city and its province, Ezland used to be part of Fonticia, but was taken by Schap in 43 AV. Since then, the road and the entire border have been heavily fortified. Several more castles are still under construction. Fontico is the ancient seat of the king of Fonticia and will not be allowed to be taken by the enemy, no matter the cost.

As the royal province, Prestia is under direct authority of the royal family, Delannon. Clement Delannon, younger brother of king Basil Delannon is the current lord of Prestia.

The Dwarven Keeps

As part of the defense of the province and capital, the late King Ledwig had ordered the construction of 8 castles along the border from the dwarves of Alheimia. One of them, Virrar Keep was razed by Schap forces before construction was finished, and instead of rebuilding it, a replacement, Gendor Keep was built about 10 km west of the ruin. Counting Gendor Keep, five of the dwarven keeps are located in Pestia, while three are in Perquino to the west.

Points of Interest

Dogam Keep, Rafintino Castle


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