Age of Man

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The current epoch of Auseka is the one dominated by humans. After the losses of elves, dwarves and other races during the Epoch of Destruction, mankind arrived on the western side of the continent from elsewhere. Not much is known about the origin of man, as no recorded human history has survived. From the elves we know that the first humans were refugees, escaping from a land called Prem, which apparently suffered the same fate as Pangondia. Over the years, dozens of ships were noticed by the elves and who knows how many more arrived unseen?

From first settlements to the Empire of Vericum, just over two thousand years have passed.

Time is measured in Before Vericum (BV) and Aera Vericum (AV) by most scholars, and other calendars are translated to this counting for convenience.

Mankind Emerging

After arriving in Auseka, the human population was very small and distributed, living in primitive villages of mud and wood. What they had brought in metal tools was limited and valuable. Much knowledge was also forgotten as those who had it died without passing on the entirety of their wisdom and crafts.

In many places, humanity fell back to a primitive existence. However, as they expanded they soon found other civilized and more advanced intelligent species around their own tribes. With ancient knowledge and contact to the other races, humanity had no linear development path. Instead of discovering first copper, then bronze, then iron, they found all of those in use by dwarves and could gain the secrets of metalurgy in random order instead of discoveries building on each other. Or they had preserved the knowledge of steel, but forgotten the mining techniques to gain iron ore. Many of their tools were stolen or copied from dwarves or elves.

Nevertheless, it took human smiths longer to master iron and steel, especially at scale, than the easier to master copper and bronze, and much longer to understand how to work with mithril. As most volcanoes are in dwarven lands, to this day human-made mithril items are a rarity.

The First King

The first human civilization appeared in the north-west of Auseka, roughly 1,600 years ago. What little we know of it is from elves and from the inscriptions in the ruins they left behind. The period is named after King Akari, the first ruler of a human realm that is known by name. Scholars today believe the realm spanned roughly the area between Osberg and Vopnafjor in what is today Grasalia.

The Magic Kingdom

A second fixed point of human history is the appearance of the Mage Kings of Kursa, in the Kingdom of Kursa in today's Palan. From around 1,400 to 1,000 years ago, strong magic gave the humans of the south a powerful ally against the jungle and wild beasts. Many ancient ruins are left from those days, though most are invisible to the unknowing eye as they have been rebuilt and repurposed as temples for various religions over the past millenium. They are said to be located on especially magical places.

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The Suffering Years

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Kingdom of Bawang

A great kingdom appeared around 600 BV in the north-west mountains, its capital at what is today Raudark, in those days known as Baht. Friendship and trade with the dwarves of Ebronland brought prosperity and progress and Bawang become the predecessor of todays Grasalia. The kingdom conquered land in all directions, to the north till the coast, to the west and south until the elves of Oujda stopped it, and to the east till Uskordur and Krudavoya. It lasted for 300 years until its fall into the civil war from whose ashes Grasalia would rise.

The Century of War

From about 120 BV to 10 AV, wars ravaged almost all human realms of Auseka, and involved even some of the dwarven and elven realms. It was another period of suffering and death for humanity.

Founding of the Empire

Today is the year 67 AV and the new age of humans began with the founding of the Empire of Vericum, followed by peace treaties with its neighbours over the next few years, followed by peace all around within a decade.