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The creature known as Grauch to the dwarves and Glauchimil to the elves was the largest and oldest dragon known to history. He must have been born in ancient times, before history started.

In dragons, age and size are related, as they never stop growing and thus older dragons are bigger. Grauch is said to have been 150m long from snout to tail, with 90m of that being his body. His wingspan is described as "putting entire villages into shadow" and some scholars believe that it was 200 to 250 metres from tip to tip.

Grauch was an aggressive creature who fought many wars with the dwarves and is known to have razed entire towns to the ground by himself. He is said to have roamed most of Auseka, though was mostly seen in the west and north-west.

He is widely assumed to have perished in The Sinking of Pandongia.

The Draconia Springs are named after him, being the last place that legend places him and making many people believe that these hot springs were a favorite bathing place for Grauch and other dragons. Indeed, even today it is one of the most likely places where one can spot a dragon.

Dozens of adventurers have perished on quests to retrieve Grauch's Dragon Eyes, of which there must be at least 30 if all the various legends about where one can be found are true. None have been found so far.