Pontegio County

From Dragon Eye Atlas

Area 156 km2
Population 4600
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Tallian
Dominant Religion Dwarven Ancestors
Realm Alheimia
Capital Pontegio

Pontegio County is a tiny province at the edge of Alheimia. Despite part of the dwarven realm, the majority of its inhabitants are humans today.

As a border province with mixed population, a curious mix of lifestyles has emerged. While the dwarven minority has taken to the human Tallian culture, with the dwarven Eastern Mountains culture giving way to more human ways, the humans on the other hand have joined the dwarves in the veneration of ancestors.

The region is forested, though due to an average height of about 800 metres above sea level, the forest is already getting thin.

Points of Interest

Pontegio Springs


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