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The world of Dragon Eye has been constructed to ensure that no matter what kind of adventure or campaign you want to run, you can find a fitting place. This page gives a very rough overview of what you can find and where. It is by no means exhaustive, but if you are looking for something specific or want an idea of what the world has to offer, keep reading:


If you are looking for a standard medieval fantasy setting with knights and peasants, towns and castles, not too much magic and largely at peace, you are at home in Vericum, the core of the continent.

A theocratic dicatorship with strict punishments and suspicious of magic can be found in Schap. Its neighbour Biesen goes a step further and has outlawed magic for everyone not working for the king.

If you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, Grasalia is a republic with a code of laws that gives even peasants some rights. You can also visit Mun, which is famous for the large amount of freedom its citizens enjoy. Or you can visit Sila which is a federation of small states with an Ancient Roman atmosphere, including slavery.

If you want more pressure, turn to either Palan or Hampy. Palan is a dark realm ruled by mages who use human sacrifices to fuel powerful spells and engines of war. Hampy meanwhile is a friendly, Caribbean-style coastal nation, except that it opens to the open ocean and is occasionally thrown into turmoil with tsunamis and massive storms breaking over the land. These can be so severe, damaging and long-lasting that the region even has a special set of laws that go into effect whenever disaster strikes.

Finally, Fonticia is a kingdom in decline, plagued by intrigues and lost in its own ghosts of history (it is built upon the ruins of the ancient centaurs civilization). It has a slightly eastern feel to it, and elements of the Ancien Regime of France. Njombia, on the opposite site, has a touch of Africa, and a curious relationship to the dragons living in the nearby mountains.

Now if your taste is more towards non-humans, you can find that, too.

Dwarves live in Ebronland and Alheimia, in their mountain kingdoms, trading with the surrounding human realms and generally keeping to themselves. You can also find them in Hanzatia, a mixed human-dwarf realm where they are more active and many more live on the surface as well.

Elves can be found in several places as well, depending on your taste. Oujda is a forest realm forbidden to outsiders, where the elves hunt and kill anyone who enters without permission. They are not on good terms with their neighbours, in fact they aren't on any terms at all as they largely refuse to even talk to the childish humans.

The elven realm of Aluraba is also a strong and proud nation, but more peaceful and open. Powerful magic defends their land. Aside from Palan, this is a place to go to for high fantasy adventures.

The opposite is Guera, an elven realm in decline that is slowly being taken over by humans. Every decade or so, another sliver of forest is abandoned by the elves and humans move in. It used to be a great realm covering much of the south, now there are only a few elves left. They are peaceful in general, and distant but friendly to humans, but there is no denying that in another two or three hundred years, they will all be gone.

The last elven realm, Afarwaha is stable and prosperous. It is the most open of the elven realms, with active trade relations to all its neighbours, and even with non-elven minorities in most of its cities. There is even an active elven navy.


Over the centuries and millenia, and the ups and downs of the dwarfs, many of their prior mines and underground cities have been abandoned. Some of these caved in, but many have since been taken over by less friendly creatures. A few other races have also dug tunnels into the ground.

The largest dungeons can be found in and around Ebronland. Some of these go miles deep into the earth. Other mountain ranges also include dungeons, and a few of them can even be found away from the mountains.

Above ground you can also find ruins to explore. Fonticia is full of old centaur ruins, and the lands around Guera which used to be elven territory and have now been taken over by humans still contain some of the old elven tree-towns.

Aside from these, there are many individual sources of further ruins, dungeons, underground lairs and similar places to explore.

You can find a list of already developed dungeons on the category page.


Auseka is filled with non-humanoid life, including many creatures that have natural magical abilities. Some of the most common or well-known are:

  • Dragons - of course, what would a fantasy world be without?
  • various types of Category:Greenskins, nasty evil creatures
  • The Undead also can be found in Auseka and have a special link to magic. They are a fairly rare, except for a few exceptional events, such as the Qualong Undead Invasion.

This page is still incomplete and missing content or details that are planned, but have not been added yet.

also see Races for intelligent critters.

Special Places

The map also marks many other remarkable places such as inns, battlefields, ruins and other places of interest. There are many minor places of such kinds additionally, with the map only showing the most important ones.

See Points of Interest for details.