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Area 8556 km2
Population 139600
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Tallian
Dominant Religion Faith of Nesra
Realm Biesen
Capital Perne
Ruled by Krosin

Basco is a province in southern Biesen. Most of the province is forested with deciduous forest turning into coniferous forest towards the south, where the province runs into the mountains. A few patches of temperate rainforest and grasslands complete the picture.

Basco borders Fonticia to the south, but the border is in the highlands and plagued by Orcs.

Culturally and religiously, Basco is unified, with almost no minorities among its human population. As far as non-humans are concerned, there are a number of dwarves and gnomes living in the two cities of Perne and Gallupo, but they make up not even one percent of the total population of the province, and out in the countryside non-humans are a rare sight.

Unlike most provinces with multiple cities, Perne and Gallupo do not form an axis of commerce, but are seperate centers. Though the road connection between them has been improved in the last decades, it still runs along small, barely maintained countryside roads for long stretches.

Politically, Earl Krosin has three barons under him to govern Basco. Baron Perrelli rules the lands east of the Arsano river. Baron Drugoro is responsible for the Perne area up to the northern edge of Basco, while Baron Tibuut governs the Gallupo area and the lands between the Lornach and Strau rivers. The southern border and Orc Lands are defended by the Earl himself.

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