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Many articles still need work.

Settlements On Map Wiki Pages
Cities 473 55
Towns 1634 32
Villages 1209 72
Hamlets 60 12
Farmsteads 24 14
Monasteries 8 4
Others/Unfinished 6801 %
Category On Map Wiki Pages
Provinces 568 104
Points of Interest 142 36
Islands 31 11
Rivers 1,713 6
Mountains 5 1
Important People - 29

Month Article Count
2019/09 63
2019/10 96
2019/11 144
2019/12 155
2020/01 191
2020/02 223
2020/03 237
2020/04 289
2020/05 293
2020/06 296
2020/07 318
2020/08 367
2020/09 376
2020/10 389
2020/11 403
2020/12 425
2021/01 447
2021/02 459
2021/06 480
2021/12 492
2022/01 498
2022/03 528
2022/08 536
2022/12 553
2023/03 563
now 571

2023/03 - Details

I've been mostly adding details to existing articles or expanding the world on small things like the perpetual stew or secondary regions such as the Gedaxa Mountains. I've also cleaned up and updated some map data, fixing river connections and some roads, especially where they cross rivers.

2022/12 - Fonticia Coast

Added Miniana and surrounding area as well as starting a bunch of province and town descriptions in the area. Added lots of towns, villages and roads to the map as well.

2022/08 - Black Forest

Adding the Black Forest in Biesen, a region that you can explore in the Black Forest Computer Game.

2022/03 - People of Palan

Added a lot of important people and some clans to Palan, slowly building up the web of local VIPs. As Palan has no noble class, there is more dynamics and ups-and-downs to consider.

2021/12 - Small Politics Update

Started adding a few more details on the local-democracy governments of Njombia and Palan. Expect to see more things about Palan appear as I'm preparing to run a new campaign set there.

2021/11 - Map Projection Update

A few small updates and content, but nothing major, except that the projection of all maps has been changed from Mercator to Natural Earth so that especially the north is less distorted when zoomed out.

2021/08 - RPG Rules Release

You can now find the first public release of the roleplaying game rules in the rules section. I worked on completing and updating it, as well as another round of proof-reading. Go and get your friends, and play a few sessions!

2021/07 - Still Alive

Just a quick info that I'm still alive and working on Dragon Eye. The focus has just not been on the wiki for a while, as I'm working on Dragon Eye: Legacy and updated RPG rules. So while a bunch of pages from the area the computer game is set in (Basco, specifically the area between Casuvo and Saronale) have received content updates, no new pages have been added in a while.

2021/02 - Adding Depth and Details

2021/01 - Adding some Unique Spots

  • with some basics in place, I am now adding some unique spots that provide interesting adventure locations. Some examples are the border town of Otzen or the exclave of Thinvipia.
  • added more details and story hooks, such as the Firebrand Monks or The Mist.
  • began adding the ruling house of Mun, the Ichon family.
  • adding details on law and crime to several cultures, such as Koryo, Tallian and Shwazen.

2020/12 - Technology and Cultures

2020/11 - Detail Areas

  • working on some areas in details now. Places like Karenfang and its nearby places and now Casuvo and nearby places.
  • adding various hand-drawn style maps to Handouts, covering the areas described above.
  • working on a 3D computer game set in the world of Dragon Eye - see
  • adding more places to the map (towns, villages, etc.) even if they don't get names and descriptions just yet.

2020/08 - Towns, Schap and Fonticia

  • added a much better differentiation of settlement types to the List of Settlements and on all pages, raising the importance of small market towns.
  • added details around the Schap / Fonticia border, such as Ezland and its towns or war-torn Efen.

2020/07 - POIs, Realms, Cultures

2020/06 - Filling in Details

  • added more details to many pages
  • special focus on completing all realm pages to contain at least basic information

2020/05 - Njombia and the Game

  • spent much work on polishing the game system for Dragon Eye
  • some cleanup work on the map
  • added details in Nanalanda Territory and Oujda
  • slow month

2020/04 - Hanzatia and southern Vericum

  • added more than 2,000 villages to the map in Hanzatia and Vericum
  • added about 600 villages to the map in Fonticia
  • added 22 dwarven towns to Hanzatia, with additional roads and all, to get the first dwarven region detailed
  • expanded the background of the Centaurs
  • added Orcs and Trolls

2020/03-04 - Religions Overhaul

  • reworking the Religions of Dragon Eye into a more coherent fantasy concept.

2020/03 - More Realm Descriptions

  • started to adding details to the kingdom of Fonticia and its history.
  • started the pages on Grasalia and Biesen and added more details to several other realms.

2020/02 - Sila and Vericum

  • added villages, ruins and other details all around Sila and the Vericum area near Sumegaidau County.
  • several parts of the map system broke, working on fixing them (MapBox issues).
  • the first legendary dragon, Grauch has finally received his own page.

2020/01 - Filling in Gaps

  • a lot of small articles on individual villages, some provinces, etc. added
  • started to bring The United Provinces of Sila to life.
  • a lot of work on the Dragon Eye ruleset, which is invisible here on the wiki

2019/12 - Content Additions and Tutorial

  • a video tutorial explaining the map-making process is being published, the create your own world page links to the videos.
  • More content is being added, with descriptions of provinces, towns and villages being added as well as those later being put on the map together with fields, smaller roads and many more details.
  • Slow month due to end of the year (which is a busy time in my business) and christmas/skiing holiday.

2019/11 - UI Improvements

  • Realm, city/town and villages names on most maps are now clickable and will lead to their respective wiki pages, making the map interactive!
  • Added interactive maps to the list of realms and cultures.
  • Added list of provinces to realm pages (for those where provinces have been defined).
  • Rivers updated to Azgaar's generator v1.2 - types and names added.

2019/10 - Details Added

  • Beginning to add town detail maps. Phonas is the first fully developed town, with Sumegaidau being developed.
  • Also added flags to all the realms (except the elven ones, because elves don't use flags).
  • Added the first Points of Interest.
  • Added country roads (around Mea, Sumegaidau County and others).
  • Added the first Noble Houses and noteworthy people.
  • Reworked the overlays and many behind-the-scenes details on the wiki.
  • Changed wiki fonts and a few visuals.

2019/09 - Initial Content

Also bringing the first content into the wiki, including the races as well as the basic structure of realms, cultures, religions and other details.

2019/09 - Basic Technology

Figured out how to export map data from Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator, wrote the code to do it and added it to the generator with a successful pull request.

Mostly figured out how to do the same with Watabou's Medieval Fantasy City Generator, but this time using his SVG export directly without changes to the upstream code.

Imported everything into QGIS and started working on it. It's still a far cry from the sheer beauty of Azgaar's Generator, but I'm getting there. Here are some screenshots from my current status:

Thanks to Mapbox, I've managed to integrate my map into the wiki and styled it more or less beautifully (I'm not an artist). For the integration, the Mediawiki extension Widgets proved the most useful, much more so than the various dedicated maps extensions, which make it so much more difficult to use your own map source.

Time Parameter

Little known is that GIS also supports temporal extents, so data can be located in time as well as space - something that can be so interesting for historic maps and "scrolling through time".